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These Statutes are consolidated up to the date in which a new amendment has been added. The 'consolidated to' date is shown beside the title in this list: A-5.3 (2004-12-29) and the PDF has a 'consolidated to' date on the right hand side of each page.

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  A-14.2 (2003-06-27) - The Agricultural Safety Net Act
A-14.2 An Act respecting Programs to Stabilize the Income of Agricultural Producers
  A-18.02 (2003-01-01) - The All Terrain Vehicles Act
A-18.02 An Act respecting the Operation of All Terrain Vehicles
  A-28.1 (2003-06-27) - The Assessment Management Agency Act
A-28.1 An Act to establish the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency and to govern its Activities
  A-35 (2003-01-01) - The Automobile Accident Insurance Act
A-35 An Act respecting Insurance against Certain Losses resulting from Certain Motor Vehicle Accidents
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  C-11.1 (2003-06-27) - The Cities Act
C-11.1 An Act respecting Cities and making consequential amendments to certain other Acts
  C-39.1 (2003-08-01) - The Correctional Services Act
C-39.1 An Act respecting Correctional Service
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  D-1.2 (2003-06-27) - The Dangerous Goods Transportation Act
D-1.2 An Act respecting the Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Saskatchewan
  D-8 (2003-02-28) - The Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Revitalization Act
D-8 An Act respecting the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Revitalization
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  E-10.21 (2003-06-27) - The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2002
E-10.21 An Act respecting the Management and Protection of the Environment
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  F-8.001 (2003-10-03) - The Farm Financial Stability Act
F-8.001 An Act to provide for the Financial Stability of Agriculture
  F-22.01 (2003-06-27) - The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
F-22.01 An Act respecting a right of access to documents of the Government of Saskatchewan and a right of privacy with respect to personal information held by the Government of Saskatchewan
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  H-2.2 (2003-01-01) – The Heritage Property Act
H-2.2 An Act to provide for the Preservation, Interpretation and Development of Certain Aspects of Heritage Property in Saskatchewan
  H-7 (2003-06-27) - The Horse Racing Regulation Act
H-7 An Act for the Regulation of Horse Racing
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  L-4.1 (2003-06-27) – The Land Surveys Act, 2000
L-4.1 An Act respecting the Surveying of Land and the Approval of Plans and making certain consequential amendments
  L-27.1 (2003-06-27) - The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
L-27.1 An Act respecting a right of access to documents of local authorities and a right of privacy with respect to personal information held by local authorities
  L-30.1 (2003-06-27) - The Local Government Election Act
L-30.1 An Act respecting Elections in Urban Municipalities and Divisions and repealing The Urban Municipal Elections Act
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  M-10.1 (2003-06-27) - The Medical Profession Act, 1981
M-10.1 An Act respecting the Medical Profession
  M-21 (2003-02-01) - The Mortgage Brokers Act
M-21 An Act respecting Mortgage Brokers
  M-26 (2003-09-01) - The Municipal Employees’ Pension Act
M-26 An Act respecting Pensions for Certain Employees of Municipalities, Larger School Units and other Institutions
  M-32.1 (2003-04-01) - The Municipal Revenue Sharing Act
M-32.1 An Act respecting Provincial-Municipal Revenue Sharing
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  N-3.1 (2003-06-27) - The Natural Resources Act
N-3.1 An Act respecting Natural Resources
  N-5.1 (2003-06-27) - The Northern Municipalities Act
N-5.1 An Act respecting Local Government in Northern Saskatchewan
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  O-2 (2003-06-27) - The Oil and Gas Conservation Act
O-2 An Act to provide for the Conservation of Oil and Gas Resources
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  P-1.1 (2003-06-27) - The Parks Act
P-1.1 An Act respecting the Establishment, Maintenance and Use of Park Land and Park Land Reserve
  P-6.01 (2003-09-19) - The Personal Care Homes Act
P-6.01 An Act respecting Personal Care Homes
  P-9.1 (2003-09-01) – The Pharmacy Act, 1996
P-9.1 An Act respecting Pharmacists and Pharmacies
  P-16.2 (2003-10-01) - The Post-Secondary Graduate Tax Credit Act
P-16.2 An Act respecting a Post-Secondary Graduate Tax Credit
  P-23 (2003-07-01) - The Prescription Drugs Act
P-23 An Act relating to the Acquisition, Distribution and Sale of Certain Drugs
  P-30.2 (2003-05-27) - The Provincial Emblems and Honours Act
P-30.2 An Act respecting Provincial Emblems and Honours
  P-31 (2003-01-01) - The Provincial Lands Act
P-31 An Act respecting Provincial Lands
  P-37.1 (2003-06-27) - The Public Health Act, 1994
P-37.1 An Act respecting Public Health
  P-45 (2003-01-01) - The Public Utilities Easements Act
P-45 An Act to provide for the Acquisition of Certain Easements for Public Utilities
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  R-12.2 (2003-05-01) – The Registered Nurses Act, 1988
R-12.2 An Act respecting Registered Nurses
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  S-18.2 (2003-08-01) - The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act
S-18.2 An Act to Establish the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation and to enact certain Consequential Amendments arising from the enactment of this Act
  S-26 (2003-10-03) – The Saskatchewan Insurance Act
S-26 An Act respecting Insurance
  S-32.3 (2003-01-01) - The Saskatchewan Property Management Corporation Act
S-32.3 An Act respecting the Saskatchewan Property Management Corporation
  S-35.1 (2003-06-27) – The SaskEnergy Act
S-35.1 An Act to continue SaskEnergy Incorporated, to make certain consequential amendments to certain Acts resulting from that continuance and to validate certain transactions involving SaskEnergy Incorporated
  S-63.1 (2003-08-01) - The Summary Offences Procedure Act, 1990
S-63.1 An Act respecting Summary Offences Procedure and Certain consequential amendments resulting from the enactment of this Act
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  T-9.1 (2003-05-27) - The Teachers Superannuation and Disability Benefits Act
T-9.1 An Act respecting the Superannuation of Teachers and Disability Benefits for Teachers
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  U-11 (2003-06-27) – The Urban Municipality Act, 1984
U-11 An Act respecting Urban Municipalities
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  V-2.1 (2003-06-27) - The Vehicle Administration Act
V-2.1 An Act respecting the Registration of Vehicles and Licensing of Drivers
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  W-17.1 (2003-05-27) – The Workers’ Compensation Act, 1979
W-17.1 An Act to provide for Compensation to Workers for Injuries sustained in the Course of their Employment
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