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Note: Please see each chapter for effective date.

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  S.S. 1906, Chapter 45 (1906-05-26) - The Revised Statutes Act, 1906
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 45 An Act to authorise the Revision of the Ordinances of the North‑West Territories and the Acts of the Province of Saskatchewan and to consolidate the same as the Statutes of Saskatchewan
  S.S. 1907, Chapter 25 - The Secondary Education Act
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 25 An Act to provide for the Organisation and maintenance of Secondary Educational Institutions
  S.S. 1908, Chapter 14 (1908-06-12) - The Liquor License Act
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 14 An Act respecting the Sale of Intoxicating Liquor and the Issue of Licenses therefor
  S.S. 1908, Chapter 15 (1908-06-12) - The Municipal Commissioner’s Act
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 15 An Act respecting the Department of the Municipal Commissioner
  S.S. 1908, Chapter 31 (1908-06-12) - The Children’s Protection Act
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 31 An Act for better Protection of Neglected and Dependent Children
  S.S. 1909, Chapter 20 - (1909-12-18) - The Land Titles Act
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 20 - An Act to amend The Land Titles Act
  S.S. 1910-11, Chapter 2 (1911-01-26) - The Revised Statutes of Saskatchewan Act, 1909
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 2 An Act respecting the Revised Statutes of Saskatchewan 1909
  S.S. 1910, Chapter 32 (1911-03-23) - The Pharmacy Act
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 32 An Act respecting Chemists and Druggists
  S.S. 1913, Chapter 40 - Payment of Wages to Employees Act
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 40 An Act respecting the Payment of Wages to Certain Employees
  S.S. 1915, Chapter 21 (1915-06-24) - The Arrears of Taxes Act
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 21 An Act to provide for the Collection of Arrears of Taxes
  S.S. 1918-19, Chapter 3 (1919-02-05) - An Act to amend The Wild Lands Tax Act, 1917
An Act to amend The Wild Lands Tax Act, 1917
  S.S. 1918-19, Chapter 19 (1919-02-05) - An Act to Amend The Land Titles Act
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 19 An Act to amend The Land Titles Act
  S.S. 1918-19, Chapter 84 - The Minimum Wage Act, 1919
HISTORICAL CHAPTER 84 An Act for fixing Standard Minimum Wages, Hours of Employment and Conditions of Labour for Females