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Separate Chapters are statutes approved by the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel. House amendments, Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel changes may be added up until the publication of the annual bound volume.

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  Chapter A-16.2 - The Air, Army, Sea and Navy League Cadets Recognition Day Act
2008 CHAPTER A-16.2 An Act to recognize the Air, Army, Sea and Navy League Cadets in Saskatchewan
  Chapter A-4.01 - The Active Families Benefit Act
2008 CHAPTER A-4.01 An Act respecting an Active Families Benefit
  Historical - Chapter E-10.01 - The Enterprise Saskatchewan Act
Point in time 2008 CHAPTER E-10.01 An Act respecting Enterprise Saskatchewan
  Historical - Chapter G-5.11 - The Graduate Retention Program Act
Point in Time 2008 CHAPTER G-5.11 An Act respecting a Graduate Retention Program and repealing The Graduate Tax Exemption Act
  Chapter G-8.1 - The Growth and Financial Security Act
2008 CHAPTER G-8.1 An Act respecting Saskatchewan’s Growth and Financial Security and repealing certain Acts
  Chapter N-1.1 - The National Peacekeepers Recognition Day Act
2008 CHAPTER N-1.1 An Act to recognize National Peacekeepers Day in Saskatchewan
  Chapter P-42.2 - The Public Service Essential Services Act
2008 CHAPTER P-42.2 An Act respecting Essential Public Services
  Historical - Chapter S-59.01 - The Statutes and Regulations Revision Act
Point in Time 2008 CHAPTER S-59.01 An Act respecting Revisions of Statutes and Regulations
  Chapter U-0.1 - The Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day Act
2008 CHAPTER U-0.1 An Act to recognize the Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor)
  Chapter V-7.3 - The Vital Statistics Administration Transfer Act
2008 CHAPTER V-7.3 An Act to effect the transfer of the administration of The Vital Statistics Act, 1995, The Change of Name Act, 1995 and other statutory duties of the Director of Vital Statistics to the Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan, and to make consequential amendments to other Acts