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Friday, June 23, 2017
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  • C.B.06/07
    Husky Oil Operations v. Grodaes Set Compensation on a Wellsite and Roadway pursuant to a Consent to Enter - First Year - $6,238.00 plus annual rental of $2,670.00 Costs awarded in C.B. 1/07 - 4.46 acres - Value of the land $800.00 per acre - $195.00 per acre loss of use - Severance, adverse and nuisance - $1,800.00
  • Negotiating Surface Rights
    This bulletin is designed to provide farmers with a range of information to aid them in negotiating a satisfactory surface lease or easement with an exploration and development company.
  • C.B.3/15
    Campbell v. Canadian Natural Resources Limited Set Compensation for wellsite under E.B. 1/14 (6.6 acres) $1,426.23 per acre capital loss; Crop Loss: $491.73 per acre; Severance, Adverse Effect and Nuisance: $3,000; Additional wells: $1,000 one time payment for each well (4) and $600 per well for annual rental Costs: $7,250.00 - ORDER CURRENTLY UNDER APPEAL
  • C.B.1/17
    C.B. 1/17 Red River Oil Inv. v Cory and Eva Kobelsky Set Compensation payable pursuant to E.B. 1/16 Land Value: $250.00; Survey Payment: $250.00; Severance, Adverse Effect and Nuisance:$1000.00 Loss of Use: 50% of third party cost of a maximum Value of $6,800.00(for a maximum total payment of $3,400.00)
  • C.B.2/16
    101038801Saskatchewan Ltd et al v. K+S Legacy GP Inc. Section 86 application to terminate E.B. 11/14 and E.B. 12/14 Application is denied.