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Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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  • Saskatchewan Government Petroleum Crown Land Sales or Landsale Information
    A series of PDF format downloadable documents and maps that concern Saskatchewan Petroleum and Natural Gas Dispositions and Crown Sales (the sale and administration of Petroleum and Natural Gas rights), public Offerings, lists both current and past Land Sale information including schedules, notices, results and erratums, Statistics, displaying summaries of Sale Results, Crown Dispositions (outlining the types of dispositions available and their characteristics), the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulations, 1969 (contain the regulations governing Crown Dispositions), conversion of exploration licenses to leases (calculating sections earned), guidelines for submitting posting Requests for Oil and Gas Dispositions in Saskatchewan, guidelines and information concerning the following topics: Crown Sales of Oil and Gas Dispositions, Schedule of Crown Sales in 2004 and 2005, Maps of Restricted/Prohibited Posting Areas (including the Cypress Hills Zoning District, Great Sand Hills Planning District and Miry Creek Zoning District), Crown Sale Postings, Availability of Acreage for Posting, and Rights Reversions. 2005.
  • Resource Map of Saskatchewan
    Large: 1:1,500,000 (31 x 48) This completely updated map shows the extent of: areas of potash, salt and carnallite resources; oil, gas and coal fields; and areas of carbon dioxide, peat, and base and precious metal resource potential.
  • Directive S-10 Saskatchewan Upstream Petroleum Industry Associated Gas Conservation
    The Saskatchewan Upstream Petroleum Industry Associated Gas Conservation Directive S-10 provides regulatory requirements for reducing flaring, incinerating, and venting of associated gas in Saskatchewan.
  • Summary of Investigations 2010 Volume 2, Saskatchewan Geological Survey; Misc. Rept. 2010-4.2
    Summary of Investigations 2010 Volume 2, Saskatchewan Geological Survey; Misc. Rep. 2010-4.2
  • The Saskatchewan Oil and Gas InfoMap Searchable GIS Database
    A searchable interactive GIS format database that provides information on wells, pool boundaries, unit boundaries and Crown dispositions. The Saskatchewan Oil and Gas InfoMap website shows oil and gas and related wells, current oil and gas pool boundaries, unit boundaries, and dispositions of Crown petroleum and natural gas rights. The base map information is provided by Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan. Layers include: wells (Licensed Wells, Drilling Wells, Cased Wells, Oil Wells, Gas Wells, Water Injector Wells, Water Source Wells, Oil/Steam Wells, Potash Wells, Miscellaneous Wells, Abandoned Other Wells, and Abandoned Dry Wells), Oil and Gas Pools, Northern Theoretical Pools, Crown Leases and Units, Southern Township Fabric, Northern Township Fabric, and a Saskatchewan Base Map. 2005. A NON SALABLE PRODUCT that is reached by entering the following URL:

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