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Monday, January 16, 2017
Publications Centre

Top 5 Downloaded Publications
  • Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide
    This publication gives detailed information regarding guidelines for machine ownership, operating costs, custom rates and rental rates for farm machinery.
  • Varieties of Grain Crops - 2017
    The cropland of Saskatchewan has been divided into four areas based roughly on agro-climatic conditions. Crop yields can vary from area to area. In choosing a variety, producers will want to consider the yield data in combination with marketing and agronomic factors.
  • Land Rental Arrangements
    Provides management information and guidelines for the landlord and tenant when negotiating a rental agreement.
  • Crop Planning Guide - 2016
    The Crop Planning Guides help producers estimate their costs of producing various crops.
  • Estate Planning Checklist for Farm Families
    Use this publication as a starting point in your planning process.