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Sunday, February 26, 2017
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All Forms for 'Saskatchewan Municipal Board SMB'
  Application for Municipal Borrowing
Application for Municipal Borrowing Pursuant to Section 162 The Municipalities Act or Section 160 The Northern Municipalities Act.
  Application for School Division Capital Borrowing
Application for Capital Borrowing by a School Division (required only when no provincial funding involved in the project). Pursuant to Section 323 of The Education Act.
  Guide to Preliminary Assessment Schedule
The preliminary assessment schedule indicates the lands which will benefit and against which the estimated costs of the local improvement will be charged. This preliminary assessment schedule is for properties that are fronting the local improvement.
  Local Improvement Report
Pursuant to Section 5(1)(a), 5(1)(b) or 5(1)(c) of The Local Improvements Act, 1993.
  Sewer and Water Utility Fund Summary
A sewer and water utility fund summary form is to accompany applications for increases or changes in utility rates from municipalities. A water and sewer utility fund summary shows five year history of revenues, expenditures and capital projects.