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Monday, January 16, 2017
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Top 5 Downloaded Publications
  • Immigrant Skilled Workers: Should Canada Attract More Foreign Students?
    This paper examines federal and provincial immigration policy and explores some important issues relating to the process of admission of immigrants to Canada. It also analyzes areas where changes are needed to maximize the benefits from immigration to the Canadian economy faced with the challenges of aging population and changing labour market conditions. The paper emphasizes that immigration policy must be focused not simply on bringing in more people, but people who are likely to adapt to the Canadian lifestyle, contribute economically, abide by laws in the country, and become self-supporting.
  • Policy Dialogue - Issue 16
    Articles in this issue include: The Clash Over the Nature of Environmental Limits, Multiculturalism Meets "Reasonable Accommodation", Accountability and Education, The American View of Canadian Health Care, Punishment in the Criminal Justice System, Curbing Impaired Driving and Workplace Injuries, and more.
  • Policy Dialogue - Issue 17
    Articles in this issue include Medical Education and Public Policy, Water Governance in the Prairie Provinces, Essential Services in Saskatchewan, Primaries, Adaptation to Climate Change, and more.
  • Assessing the Viability of an Ethanol Industry in Saskatchewan
    This paper explores five key questions that require attention in the determination of the viability of an ethanol industry for a small jurisdiction with a small local ethanol demand. As a case study, this paper examines the province of Saskatchewan, which is currently encouraging a large scale ethanol industry expansion.
  • Health Spending in Saskatchewan: Recent Trends, Future Options
    In our world of defined resources, and competing social needs, what is the best approach to financing an expensive – and increasingly costly – health care system? Mr. Daniel Hickey in his timely, thought-provoking study on health care in Saskatchewan examines this question through the two related issues of health expenditure trends and financing options.