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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
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Top 5 Downloaded Publications
  • Registrar's Handbook for School Administrators
    The Registrar’s Handbook for School Administrators provides information on Provincial Examinations and Student Services programs. It includes directives issued under the authority of The Education Regulations, 1986, pursuant to The Education Act, 1995, Section 176 (1) and (2). It is not intended to provide information on Educator Services.
  • Parent Handbook Template
    Parent Handbook Template
  • Application for a Teacher's Certificate
    In order to receive employment in a publicly funded or independent school in Saskatchewan, a teacher must hold an appropriate teacher's certificate.
  • Directory of Saskatchewan School Divisions
    List of School Divisions
  • Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools
    Digital Citizenship Education is Saskatchewan Schools is a policy planning guide for school division officials to work with school administrators and teachers to support the integration of instructional practices that will help students learn how to build and maintain a positive online presence and to protect their privacy online.